Getting Involved with What’s Happening in School


Parental involvement in the form of 'at-home' interest and support has a major influence on pupils’ educational outcomes and attitudes.


There are many ways that you can get involved with what’s happening in school.


Class DoJo

Class DoJo was introduced in response to feedback in the parents’ survey requesting more information about what’s happening in school. It enables teachers to communicate directly with parents, sharing photos and messages about what the children have been doing during the day. Parents can be notified of new information on their mobile device or by email. Feedback has been extremely positive, so if you haven’t tried it yet, please have a go! Login details are provided for all new parents.



For sharing information more widely than the closed environment of Class DoJo, the school now has a Twitter account, accessible from the News page on this website, and by following the school on Twitter. This allows wider family members to keep abreast of what’s happening in the school.


Parents Evenings

Parents evening are held twice each year, once in the Autumn Term and once in the Spring Term. The children’s books are made available for parents to have a look at either before or after their appointment. To make things as flexible as possible for parents, there are usually appointments available in the afternoon and early evening on two separate days.

Annual reports are sent out towards the end of the Summer term, and there is always an opportunity for parents to come into school to discuss anything from the report with class teachers. Please ring the school office to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Governors often provide tea, coffee and refreshments during the Autumn term parent evenings so that parents and governors can get to know each other.


Working in Partnership with Teachers

The school operates an Open Policy for parents. Teachers are always busy in the morning preparing for the day, but if you need to have a quick chat with a teacher after school, please catch them in the school playground. If you need more time, please ring the school office to arrange a mutually convenient time – our teachers are always happy to talk through any concerns that you may have.


Class Assemblies and Plays

The children will perform in at least one play and one class assembly each year. Assemblies are usually first thing in the morning, and plays are performed on more than one day, usually with morning and afternoon sessions to choose from. Keep your eye on the diary section of our newsletters – it would be great if you are able to come along and watch your child perform!


Learning Together Sessions

A number of learning together sessions are held in school every year. Parents are invited to come into school to work with their child on a range of personal, social, health and economic topics. By working together with your child, you gain an understanding of what your child is being taught in school, and can help to reinforce the key messages at home.


Typical topics include

    Year R: Relationships; Maths; Phonics

    Years 1 & 2: Safety of medicines and taking risks; Healthy eating; Relationships

    Years 3 & 4: Drink and drugs; Building relationships

    Years 5 & 6: Drink and drugs; Internet safety


Other events include fathers coming into school to read with their children.


The children really love working with their parents, and we are grateful that so many parents are able to join us. Keep an eye on the school newsletter for dates for your diary.


Volunteering in school

We are very grateful for all offers of support from parents. Some parents

  • Come into school on a weekly basis to listen to children read

  • Help with costumes and staging for plays

  • Run after school clubs in areas where they have specific skills or enthusiasm, such as gardening or cycle speedway


If you are able to help out, please get in touch with the school office. Even if we have more volunteers than we need at a given time (which is a great place to be!), we can keep your details and contact you if the situation changes.