School Uniform


We hope that children will take a pride in their appearance and a pride in being a member of the school community. There is a school uniform which is suitable for the activities of a modern primary school.  In the school office we keep a supply of sweatshirts, hats and t-shirts embroidered with the school name. These may be purchased at any time. Other items of uniform are widely available from most large department stores.    


Winter:    GIRLS:                  Green Sweatshirt or Cardigan

                                           Grey skirt, pinafore dress or grey tailored trousers

                                           White blouse or polo top

                                           White socks or grey tights

                                           Black / Brown shoes (no trainers)


                BOYS:              Green Sweatshirt

                                           Grey trousers

                                           White shirt or polo top

                                           Grey socks

                                           Black / Brown shoes (no trainers)


We also stock a school waterproof, reversible, fleece-lined jacket.  Woollen hats with the school logo are recommended for both boys and girls during the winter months. These can be purchased from the School Office.    



Summer:  GIRLS:                 As above or Green and white checked dress.


                 BOYS:                 As above or Short sleeved white shirt, Grey shorts.          





School Baseball Caps are available for the summer months for both boys and girls. These can be purchased from the School Office.    


Physical Education:       Tracksuit or Jogging bottoms and Sweatshirt for outside PE

                                      Black/Navy shorts. White t-shirt (this can be purchased from

                                      the School Office) any plain white t-shirt is acceptable.  


                                     Plimsolls (please ensure these are labelled)


                                     Swimsuit, cap, towel (Key Stage 2 only)


                                     Trainers for older children


                                      Please provide a 'shoe' bag for your child's Physical

                                      Education clothing.


We ask that all items of children’s clothing are clearly named.



Art/Craft:                       Apron or Overall

                                      (a cut down shirt with elastic in the collar & sleeves is ideal)  




There is a lost property box in the main reception. Please come and look through it if your child loses anything.


Please note that jewellery should not be worn in school.


If children have pierced ears, studs must be removed for Physical Education and swimming.


Please speak with the School Office and ask for a Uniform Request Form or click the link to download a copy for yourself.

Winter Fleece

PE Shirt



School Uniform Request Form P1040068 (Small) P1040071 (Small) P1040073 (Small) P1040074 (Small)