SEND Code of Practice


What is SEND?

A child has special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) if they have a learning difficulty or disability which means that they find it significantly harder to learn, or to do activities expected for their age.


These children may need extra support, or special provision made for them, to ensure they can fully access the curriculum and all school activities.


If your child has special educational needs or disabilities their needs will fall into one or more of the four main areas of SEN.



Communication and Interaction

Speech, Language and Communication  Needs (SLCN)



Cognition and Learning

Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)

Moderate Learning Difficulty (MLD)

Severe Learning Difficulty (SLD)

Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulty (PMLD)


Behavioural, emotional and social

Physical and Sensory

Visual Impairment (VI)

Hearing Impairment (HI)

Multi-Sensory Impairment (MSI)

Physical Disability (PD)



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Our SEND Policy


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SEN Information Report


"I'm very happy. The school has always done everything they said they were going to do for us as a family.

My child has achieved so much since being at the school.

My child has literally done everything needed and they've put into place everything to help support my child.

My child has never been made to feel an outsider and my child has always been included in everything."

Quote from a parent of an SEND pupil. February 2018

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