Religious Education


At Witnesham, children are expected to follow a school code. Part of this says: “We respect everything and everyone around us,” and “we will welcome everybody.” Our mission statement explains that “we believe in every child’s right to learn and grow intellectually, emotionally, morally, spiritually, physically and socially in a friendly, stimulating and caring environment.”







The topics that the children learn through have been developed using the Emmanuel Project. They meet the requirements of the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus. We especially enjoy celebrating key festivals, for example Divali, Easter, Harvest, Christmas and Holi, either as a whole school themed day or in individual classes and special assemblies.








Through their learning and discussions children learn respect for each other’s opinions as well as for all religions. They enjoy putting together class scrap books which are full of photographs of their activities and records of spoken responses.

The teaching of RE plays an important part in each child’s learning experience, offering the opportunities to wonder about the world they live in, to ask questions about stories from different religions and to learn from important people’s behaviour and example.








At Reception and Key Stage 1 children learn through practical experiences, faith stories and stories with morals. At Key Stage 2 children learn very much through responding to key questions, such as “What do Christians mean when they talk about the Kingdom of God?” or “Why do Muslims call Muhammad the ‘Seal of the Prophets’?”

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