Important Notices


Severe Weather News


If there is no message displayed then School will be open.


We will let you know on this page if the school is to close as a result of severe weather conditions or other exceptional circumstances. There will normally also be a video message displayed on the Home Page of this website.  In addition, Parents will receive a text message advising of any closure (subject to localised mobile phone connectivity issues).  


Suffolk County Council are advised regarding closures due to severe weather and their website is updated accordingly.

Local radio stations normally have links to the SCC website.


Radio Station frequencies for details of all Suffolk schools:


Radio Suffolk          – 95.5/95.9/103.9/104.6 FM    

                                    (timed updates every 20 minutes)      


HEART FM               – 97.1 / 96.4 FM

                                     (timed updates every 15-30 minutes)  


IPSWICH 102 FM     – 102.0 FM

                                   (Regular updates)


Occasionally there are technical difficulties with the County Council website due to the number of hits it receives in a very short time frame.  If this occurs, please do check our school website and listen to a local radio station for updates. The contact details for the county council school closures website is listed here:     


Obviously we hope that these procedures won’t be needed very much, but please understand that any decision to close our school has to be made on safety grounds to ensure that both pupils and staff are kept as safe as possible, balanced with the fact that we are obliged to keep school open unless there are exceptional circumstances.



When school is open on a snow day...

Pupils need to arrive at school...

(a) Wearing appropriate footwear (to be safe in slippery, icy conditions)

(b) With some dry shoes in a labelled carrier bag (to change into when in class)

(c) A spare pair of socks (if socks are damp from playtimes / walk to school)

(d) Gloves, scarf etc

     ... and enter the building by following the paths marked out by the caretaker.


Pupils WILL have playtime outside in the snow when possible.  

Playtime will only be cancelled if the playground is hazardous due to the snow turning in to ice.

Pupils may not follow their normal timetable. The school cannot guarantee that things such as instrument lessons will be running.