Computing has very strong links with mathematics, science and design-technology. Learning computing ensures that pupils become digitally literate, being able to express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology.  At Witnesham computing is embedded throughout the curriculum. Pupils have access to i-Pads, desktops and laptops for designated online learning tasks, research and learning activities and when presenting information.


Each classroom is fitted with an interactive white board. This enhances the learning experience and allows the teacher to easily model tasks for the children.


Every class has specific Computing lessons. In Foundation Stage and Year 1 they master the use of the mouse and the keyboard. By the time children are in Year 6 they are able to choose from and access a wealth of apps and websites.


We live in a digital world, and as such children are taught Online Safety throughout their time at Witnesham. They learn how to be responsible users of technology and how to make wise choices and decisions. Children are encouraged to discuss Online Safety with their parents when they sign their acceptable user policy. At Key Stage Two Internet Safety Learning Together sessions are held every two years.


Another important area of computing is programming. In year 1, children understand what a simple algorithm is, and by year 6 many children are learning to apply their logical thinking and reasoning by building sequences of events with a number of variables. Some will be able to program events in the form of a simple game or app.


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