Vision and Values



















































































Whole School Behaviour Scheme


In February 2019 we re-launched our behaviour scheme along with the introduction of new cards for the children to earn.  This is a whole school initiative which will be used in every class.  Every child has a green card; this is where every child starts at the beginning of each day.
















There are many children within our school who consistently behave well; with this in mind we are introducing two new cards.  Good to be Gold – this card will be awarded to children who consistently behave well and persistently work hard to achieve the best they can.


We also have a privilege card – this card will be awarded to children who achieve Good to be Gold multiple times within the week.  We have had a school council meeting and discussed the privileges the children could receive for their hard work.  They decided, children on a privilege card within the week would:

• Be able to play on the apparatus on a Monday (both playtimes)

• Receive a homework pass (should they wish)

• Have squash with their school lunch on a Monday

• Have a non-school shoe day (date to be decided)













We expect......learning muscles


We develop resilient learners and celebrate their achievements, so they perform to the best of their abilities.

We aim to be FAB:


Focussed on: fostering learning habits for life through challenge and support in an inspiring curriculum


Ambitious in: providing a challenging and nurturing environment to create respectful members of the community


Brilliant because: we work collaboratively to support learners to reach their full potential


Curious Crocodile


Responsible Rhino

Persevering Penguin

rhino penquin

We expect questions

as we wonder

about the world around us and

clarify our


We expect everyone

to take ownership of

learning, belongings

and behaviour


We believe in growth

mindset to expect

learners to keep trying,

even when it is tricky.

Motivated Monkey

Teamwork Tiger

Independent Iguana

monkey tiger iguana

We expect

learners to be

keen to


themselves and



We expect

collaboration in order

to challenge and

support each other to

maximise learning

We expect learners to

solve problems using

resources and being