Eco Schools


Eco-Schools is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world. It provides a framework to help embed sustainable principles into the heart of school life, and develop good habits that are followed through into homes and communities.


Our Eco team consists of one boy and one girl from each year group, our Science lead and our Eco Governor. Elections are held at the start of the school year to elect our new team, and these are hotly contested! As children can only serve on the Eco team for one year, most of our children have had the opportunity to be members of the team by the time they leave our school.


The team meets every 2 weeks to plan and implement whole school campaigns and activities that they feel will improve the sustainability of our school and the world around us.


The team members benefit from

  • Improved confidence from sharing their ideas and making decisions as part of a team drawn from  across the school.

  • Increased recognition from regular presentations during whole school assemblies, and for being members of the eco team

  • Working as a team to make positive impact on the world around them.


The school benefits from

  • An enhanced school curriculum

  • Stronger links with parents as we share environmental challenges

  • An improved school and environment

  • Financial savings through energy saving and other sustainable activities, which can be reinvested elsewhere.


Our action plan and eco code can be found here.






Have a look at some of the things that we’ve been doing recently.

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