Eco School

The Eco team leading the school this year in their mission is made up of 15 members:


        Class Teacher - Mr Gooderham

        Governor - Ms Catchpole

        Y6 - Amelia

        Y6 - Ella

        Y6 - Danny

        Y5 - Amelie

        Y5 - Ben

        Y4 - Harriet

        Y3 - Callum

        Y3 - Emilia

        Y3 - Edward

        Y2 - Aggie

        Y1 - Ernie

        Y1 - Zachary

         R  - Jessica



At Witnesham we have been recycling for a long time and are proud of our efforts. We try to recycle as much as we can and are always on the look for ways that we can improve.  


So far the staff and children recycle the following:


batteries          ink cartridges          cardboard          plastic          paper          glass  


We have a collection twice a year for any unwanted clothes, shoes, books, cds, toys, cuddly teddies and curtains. We send them off to a charity and recieve money back for them which we then put towards new items in school.



                                             For a couple of years the school has joined in with 'The Pods' Switch Off!                                

                                             Fortnight campaign. The Eco team tries to encourage everyone to turn

                                             lights off when they are not in the room. They encourage the rest of the

                                             school to take the same messgae home. During our campaigns the Eco

                                             Team ask their friends and classmates to bring a photo in of them doing

                                             something at home which saved energy. Photos that were brought in are

                                             displayed on our Eco board for everyone to see.



We love encouraging wildlife at live at our school. We now have two barn owl boxes hidden in trees around our school grounds. Each year we hope to attract owls to the school field.







The children in Class 4, with the help from some of the rest of the school and East Feasts, developed a nature garden in part of the school grounds that wasnt't being used. Here is what they created.










The garden is used by the whole school in all areas of the curriculum. Class 4 maintain the garden and our gardening club plant our butterfly garden up each year and grow vegetables in the raised beds to boost our salad bar at lunch time and to sell anything that we have left over to parents.




Year 6 children in Class 4 regenerated our pond. They planned how they wanted it to look, dug out all the mud and grime that was left at the bottom of the old pond and then created a new natural environment which can accomodate a whole class.







Our Eco Team have visited our local recycling centre in Great Blakenham. Although one of the machines had broken down that morning we still got to see how the recycled materials were processed. To test whether the team had been learning they were asked to sort different items into the right recycling bin. We are proud to sat that we got 100% right.














                                                          We generating some of our own electricity! The school was  

                                                          awarded a grant by the UK Power Networks ‘Power of Giving’ Fund

                                                          to install Photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of the school. The plan

                                                          is to use the first 5 years of electricity savings and feed in tariff

                                                          payments to fund other environmental improvements, to provide

                                                          long term energy savings for the school such as installing more

                                                          efficent lighting in the school.





                                                     We now have 24  Photocoltaic panels installed on the roof of our School

                                                     Hall. Click on the link to see how much energy we are producing.



During two of our Summer Terms our Eco Tem encouraged the rest of school to travel in a more environmentally friendly way. It was not an easy task as over half of the children who attend our school travel in from outside the village. The Eco Team decorated the bike shed, held a photo competition, and created a treasure hunt for pupils to complete on their way in. The response to the campaign was amazing. The team was most encouraged by those who parked in the village and then walked the rest of the way. Children from other villages drove into the village, parked at other peoples houses so they didn't drive as far and then walked the rest of the way with friends.



Each year the Eco team along with other members of the school take part in the Big School Birdwatch. We enter our results on line each year and then create a display along the school corridor to inform the rest of the school what we have seen. We have two bird feeding stations now in school which we try to keep topped up with delicious food as often as we can.  



















We are currently running a Christmas card campaign. The children would like people to put all of their old Christmas cards in the post box located in theReception area. The Eco Team will count how many cards have been collected. For every 1000 cards Marks and Spencers will plant a tre, the school will also plant a tree to replace those that have been cut down to make the cards in the first place.

switch-off-fortnight UK Network logo (Medium) Solar Panel Readings greenflag eco-schools

In December 2015 the school was awarded the prestigious Green Flag                           Eco Schools award. The children, staff anf governors have worked towards this award over the last 4 year gaining the bronze and silver awards on their way. The three main areas which the school focused on for the Green Flag Award were waste, water and transport.