Welcome to Class 2’s Page


Class 2 is a fun, supportive class to be part of. We aim to develop a love of learning and develop children’s confidence in a caring and supportive environment. Our class is made up of one third Year 1 and two thirds Year 2. Our teacher is Miss Tabeart and our LSAs are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Cooke.


We follow the National Curriculum and enjoy studying a wide range of topics, including Rainforests, Castles and Famous People from History. We work on the same topics as children in Class 1 and this means that we can often go on educational trips together that are linked to our topics.


Children in Class 2 have the opportunity to learn in lots of different ways. This may include small group work, partner work and class discussions. We like to play lots of games linked to what we are learning about and to learn lots of stories. Our learning is often practical and active.


We also like to learn outside of the classroom whenever possible! This can range from practising spellings and sounds on the playground with chalk to putting our wellies on and completing activities in the woodland area. Learning outside helps us to learn more about our environment and how we can protect it.


Children have opportunities to perform in a Christmas play as well as in class assemblies throughout the year. This helps to develop their confidence in speaking and listening.


In Class 2 homework usually includes spellings and reading as well as a Maths, English or Topic based activity. We hear children reading as much as possible at school as this is an important skill to develop.