Welcome to Class 1


Class I is a fun, supportive place to learn and we welcome you to our class page! We are made up of two thirds Reception and one third Year 1s. Miss Hickling is the class teacher and she is supported by Mrs McCormack (LSA), and Ms Bishop (LSA).


How we learn

Children in Class 1 learn partly through whole group discussion and largely through small group activities and practical activities. Reception children follow the Early Years Curriculum which is very active and play based. Children learn in small groups working with adults on set tasks and also through self-chosen activities inside and outside. Adults observe children in their play and enhance and develop their learning by talking to them, providing extra resources and suggesting ideas. This guides and challenges them and encourages them to try a range of new activities that will develop and increase their skills.


Year 1s in both Classes 1 and 2 follow the National Curriculum and have adult led tasks to work on the majority of the time. They are lucky to be in a small group so they receive maximum support and feedback.  It is well known young children learn best kinaesthetically and retain what they have learned best when they have had fun. We therefore try to make activities practical and engaging, as well as preparing them for later learning.

We aim to share with children a love of learning and to build their confidence, independence, teamwork, knowledge and skills in a caring, fun environment.


We strongly believe in growing children’s independence. Children are proud to be able to be able to do things for themselves and conquering mini challenges builds resilience. We encourage a “can do” attitude in our children. Through setting good examples and teaching social skills, children learn to be very caring and respectful towards each other. Children are also encouraged to talk and communicate well and every opportunity is taken to develop their language skills.


What we learn

Please look at the curriculum part of our website if you would like to find out the topics we learn about or our termly topic letters can be found in the letters section of the website.


We sometimes study extra bits and pieces that come from the children’s interests. For example, when several of the children have a particular interest in something such as pirates, we can teach them skills through a pirates theme to create maximum engagement. Children are welcome to bring things in from home when appropriate, that are related to our topics.


In Class 1 we do daily “Funky Fingers” which is “PE” for the fingers. This helps us develop our arm, hand and finger muscles to allow us to become effective writers. (Writing is partly a physical skill.)


We regularly have Welly Wednesdays, in which we do woodland activities on site in our own small woodland or go on adventures in the local area. We do this in all weathers so children need to be well wrapped up. Research states children who spend time in the outdoor environment grow up to care about the environment as adults. Children and staff love these activities and gain a great many skills through participating in them and exploring.


Each year we go on a theatre trip to the Wolsey Studio to experience real theatre. We also go on other education visits when they support our topic learning.



We are always happy to answer any questions or help in any way we can. We like to have a very open door policy with parents and firmly believe we are a partnership in each child’s education. Parents are always welcome to come into the classroom at the end of the day to have a look around. We recommend signing up to Class Dojo which is an online App we use to share information and what we have been doing in the classroom with parents. We also recommend parents check home school diaries for messages.


We hold a Reading Workshop for Reception parents in the Autumn Term to learn how best to support their children. Additionally we hold a Phonics cafe in the Spring Term for Reception parents who want to learn more on Phonics by watching a session being taught and discussing it afterwards with the opportunity to ask questions.


Parents from both Reception and Year 1 are also invited to come in and work with their children on a specific topic in one of our Learning Together Sessions.


Reception parents are invited to a Maths session in the Spring Term and a Relationships session in the Summer Term.

Year 1 sessions follow our school PSHE plan and are either on Relationships, Health or Medicine Safety.


We share recent learning in a Class Assembly each Spring Term.



Year 1s receive weekly spellings to learn on Wednesdays and another task on Fridays. Folders are due in on Thursdays so they can be marked. The content follows what they have been learning about in their lessons. Years 1s also receive an online Maths game to play using their individual Log Ins which supports that week's Maths skills taught.


Year Rs receive activities to do at home such as number, shape or rhyme games and word cards to learn.

When ready, children take home books to practise their reading skills. The more regularly they read at home the quicker their skills develop. Please support your children by making time to hear them and read.


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