Aims and Ethos

In this school the over-riding aim is to create a happy, stimulating and relaxed environment, where self-confidence and good relations may develop. Children’s work and ideas are valued by staff and, whenever possible, these are shared with a wider audience. There is close co-operation between home and school and this is considered to be vital to the child's success in school.


General Aims


1.  To create a stimulating, safe and happy atmosphere conducive to learning.


2.  To develop lively and enquiring minds through a love of learning.


3.  To provide an exciting and engaging curriculum through enthusiastic and high quality



4.  To encourage our children to reach their full potential creatively, academically,

      physically, emotionally and spiritually.


5.  To nurture self confident, responsible children.


6.  To treat each child as an individual.


7.  To work in partnership with parents and the wider community.

Square Circle

"On our own we are great,

but together we are amazing."